Caring for Yourself Through Current Events

Caring for Yourself Through Current Events

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It’s no secret that I started Little Black Diamond as a way of celebrating and honoring the female form through consciously crafted adornments. But more importantly, we’ve also grown into a community of womxn who support each other. We need each other now more than ever in these troubling times when the right to exist as female, queer, transgender, black, brown or differently abled is under attack. 

The road ahead is long and tumultuous. But it is imperative that we never give up, never stop fighting and that we always hang on to hope that our world can be better. 

The best way that you can continue to fight for justice is to take care of yourself. Here are several healthy ways that have helped soothe us lately:

  • Connect with loved ones. Research shows that human connection–warm hugs, eye contact, hearing each other’s voices and validating each other’s feelings is the most potent medicine for healing. This is especially helpful if you can connect with those who are also feeling deeply affected by current events. 
  • Maintain energetic boundaries. When someone comes at you sideways for supporting reproductive rights—understand this truth: It is not your responsibility to make them understand the depth, severity, complexity of this issue. It is not your responsibility to make them understand that abortion is healthcare, period. 
  • Meditate. Take the time to move through your own feelings. This can feel impossible in a fast-moving society like ours. But even trading three minutes of focusing on your breath for doom scrolling on social media will help. I use the app called Insight Timer. It’s free, you can make donations to the people creating the meditations and there’s something there for everyone.  
  • Pray. Prayer has a negative connotation with many of us who realize that modern day Christianity has become synonymous with Conservative belief systems. But even taking a moment to pause, send your light and hope to yourself or someone in need can help maintain your balance and keep you grounded.
  • Take action. If you are feeling strong and are able to do so, consider taking action. Donate to grassroots organizations, participate in protest marches, become an escort, and find other ways to validate others who have had an abortion or will need one. 

Remember: Your job, first and foremost, is to love and care for yourself. Prioritizing self care in this crazy world is an act of rebellion. I’m with you. Hang in there. 

Mother Diamond 

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