Deadmau5 gives his Ferrari 458 a Nyan Cat paint job May 04 2016

Joel Zimmerman, King of the Trolls, has done it again. The internet was quick to guess that this Nyan Cat paint job would be the result after Deadmau5 posted a preview pic of his Ferrari 458 in a brand new shade of sky blue:

The new paint job, done skillfully by Sekanskin, features Joel's two cats on each side of the car: Meowingtons and of course Miss Nyan Cat! It definitely drew polarized opinions from fans. After tens of thousands of people published their responses in social media, Deadmau5 responded with this quip:

"if you think the car's bad... you should see what i did to my bathroom wallpaper. Isn't it fun to do things your own way and just not give a fuck? try it, you'll like it. i promise. :D"

We can't wait to see the first coffee run video in this bad boy! 

The 20 Best Fan Made and Official Mau5 Heads May 04 2016

In honor of Joel Zimmerman's 33rd birthday, we've compiled a list of the best fan made and official Deadmau5 heads around! 

20. Cosplay Mau5heads

Kathy (a Jo-Ann Fabrics employee) and her boyfriend rocked these custom fan made mau5heads at Megacon 2013. Looks like she's putting that employee discount to good use. 


19. Collage Mau5head

This unique fan made mau5head was created by cargu001 on Deviantart and is covered with magazine clippings and stickers. 


18. Black Carbon Fiber Mau5head

Joel wore this fast & lightweight looking head two years ago during the 2012 Grammy Awards. He also wore a matching shirt that gave away Skrillex's personal cellphone number. 


17. Spidermau5 and Deadpoolmau5

Joel is a huge nerd, so it's no surprise that some of his fans are as well. Here are two of them goofing off at San Diego Comic Con 2013. 


16. Cheesehead

Mau5fan Lance Thackeray designed this as his entry for Joel's mau5head contest. The winner would have their design crafted into reality by 2Story Props wizards Wayne Neumaier and David Reime, which Deadmau5 would then wear during performances. 


15. Pumpkinmau5

This fan made head made an appearance during Deadmau5's Halloween performance at Petco Park in San Diego in 2011. 


14. Classic Deadmau5

Joel designed the first mau5 head ever in CAD during the late 1990s, rendered in 3D, as a logo for his music. His music became very popular, but this signature red mau5head gave him widespread visual recognition during the new millennia. 


13. Hellraiser 

This was Joel's kickass Halloween costume in 2012, inspired by the 1987 British horror film Hellraiser. 


12. Pumamau5

Deadmau5 is no stranger to sponsorships. Here is his custom neon yellow Puma mau5head, painted by Plunge Productions. The dots mimic Puma's aerated leather sneakers. 


11. Velvetmau5

Who can forget this super creepy all-black velvet mau5 head which was one of Joel's signature looks in 2011? 


10. LED Mau5head

With 168 programmable LED lights, this mau5head was the centerpiece for Joel's Meowington's Hax tour. The visuals on the mau5head even matched the accompanying LED display on stage. Joel lamented that this head was one of the most hot and heavy in his collection (and the most difficult to wear). 


9. Blingmau5

Joel must have been feeling fanciful on the day that he dreamed up this New Year's themed mau5head. 


8. Wild African Mau5

"A wild African mau5 appears!" --Joel. This fuzzy creation is one of the rarest and least viewed of all the mau5 heads. 


7. Mirror Mau5


This beautiful fanmade mau5head made its appearance at Deadmau5's sold out performance at Red Rocks Amphitheater during the summer of 2011. 


6. Mario & Luigi Mau5

Our friend Nillos made these amazing Mario and Luigi themed mau5heads that light up on the inside! 


5. Chrome Mau5head

Slick and shiny, this head was made to match Joel's album artwork for ">album title goes here<." Here he is with some Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers, in case you forgot Joel is from Canada. 


4. Metalmau5

This hardcore steampunk mau5head was made by fan CharybdusRage on Deviantart! 


3. Spiderman Mau5head

One of the many jaw-dropping mau5heads made by Tom Strait of AirAsylum Kustoms. His paint jobs are beautiful.  


2. Botmau5

Magicked into life by Robotic Arts, these mau5head robots are the spawn of Joel's hard hitting song, "Professional Griefers." Its mau5 counterparts are Mechamau5 1 and 2. 


1. Gamermau5

Said to be one of Joel's favorites, this mau5head features a joystick and all of his favorite video games, like Space Invaders, Minecraft, and Super Mario Bros. It's blacklight reactive and is definitely our favorite mau5head out there.