Why Ravers Love Kerli May 04 2016


Kerli's appeal doesn't stop at her angelically creepy, pitch-perfect voice, or her vivid and unique appearance (which she fondly refers to as 'Bubblegoth'). This Estonian beauty's crowning feature is her genuine, deep love and appreciation for her fans (MoonChildren or MoonBabies).

"These are all the kandi bracelets that MoonChildren have given me as gifts. I told them to always bring me a kandi bracelet when I'm playing a show. These are all from different fans and they're all handmade with love. Sometimes I play shows and I just put them all on so I feel like they're all with me."

Love her. Thanks to Kerli Daily for creating this .gif set!  

Kandi for a Cause Donates $2000 to Unicef May 04 2016

Thanks to more than 25 volunteers who donated handmade kandi works of art and Kandi for a Cause by Little Black Diamond, we've raised $2000 for charity this holiday season and donated the money to Unicef! We chose this organization specifically because the purpose of this fundraiser is to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda in the Philippines. Unicef has a specific fund set aside for the survivors, which you can read more about here

We reached our sales goal of $1000, which was graciously matched and doubled by Unicef's donation program, bringing the total donation to $2000

Kandi for a Cause is Little Black Diamond's way of spreading PLUR culture outside of festivals and raves and into the surrounding community. With the help of our volunteers, we sell kandi as a fundraiser, never for profit.

To all those involved, your support has been outstanding on both ends--thank you for helping us do good deeds! 

Special thanks to our amazing #kandi contributors: