Trippy Forest Lookbook

Trippy Forest Lookbook

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Trippy New Festival Outfits

Step into the forest with these tripped out magical rave and festival outfits. We had a fun, funky, and luminous photoshoot featuring Hyperspace Lighting Company's new Hypercubes, a revolutionary art light cube. Think of them like a lava lamp fused with a supernova.

We're dropping new looks! Check out our cute rainbow tie dye rave and all black ruffly sets. There's also a new low cut bodysuit and black strappy two piece. Whether you're feeling like a kandy angel or badass bitch, we've got you covered.

Don't forget our collabs with amazing small business queens, Disco Lemonade and Gangsta Goddess GearMix and match to make the ultimate rave outfits that will keep you looking fresh and dancing to the beat all day and night long.


Welcome to the Trippy Forest - A lookbook of luminious, tripped out rave and festival outfitsA collage of models wearing rainbow tie dye festival rave outfits posing with lit up cube lightsA collage of models wearing fun metallic festival rave outfits posing with lit up light cubesA collage of models wearing glittery festival rave outfits posing with lit up light cubes

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