About LBD

Little Black Diamond is a small local business run by two feisty Taurus women in San Diego, California. 

We offer a curated collection of high quality, ethically constructed festival clothing, unique accessories, handmade artisan jewelry, vibey angel aura crystals and psychedelic home decor made exclusively by us and other small independent businesses and artists. 

We are taking a stand against fast fashion, one of the biggest polluters and human rights violaters on the planet. Our fashion is slow--meaning that LBD clothing is designed by us, and the lovely people making your clothes are working in clean, safe conditions in San Diego and are paid a living wage. All our production runs are small and limited. And our clothing is high quality and made to last, unlike fast fashion’s flimsy creations. 

When you shop with us, you are supporting actual families and artists--not giant corporate entities. 

Our Mission

  • Empower goddesses everywhere through the radical self-expression of LBD fashion
  • Support other independent artists and small businesses by sharing our spotlight with them and selling their creations to our LBD community
  • Revive the soul and human connection in fashion, clothing and art by telling the stories of the small businesses we are supporting.