What sets LBD apart from other clothing brands?

We are a goddess collective of independent small businesses and artists, working to put the human connection, ethics and consciousness back into radical self expression.

Why does it matter where I spend my money?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the world’s billionaires have gotten $1.9 trillion richer in 2020, while multitudes of families struggled to make ends meet, pay their rent and put food on the table. We live in a system that heavily favors the wealthy. When you shop with us, you are directly supporting small businesses, families and artists--not huge corporations. When you support our small business, you are taking a stand against the system and voting with your dollar.

Woman wearing weed pasties leaning back facing the sky with eyes closed by the ocean

Exuberant woman in front of the ocean wearing weed pasties and swim bottoms

How does fast fashion disempower women?

Fast fashion is an ethical nightmare. The goal of fast fashion is to take ever-changing runway trends and use cheap materials and cheap labor to produce a high volume of clothing. Large corporations who engage in this practice (Fashion Nova, H&M and Zara to name a few) make a huge profit. But the profit is at the expense of Mother Earth and the humans making the clothing.

Cheap labor means that the people sewing the clothing are not paid a living wage and cannot provide for themselves or their families. It means that these people making your clothes are often working in inhumane or unsafe conditions.

Most fast fashion clothing companies produce their goods in Asia, where the workforce is predominantly female. They are drastically underpaid and many of them enter the sex trade to make ends meet.

Fast fashion is also one of the biggest polluters on the planet. Cheap production often means that there is little regard to the environmental impact that these behemoth businesses make. And many of the unsold clothes get sent straight to the landfill.

What is ethical fashion?

Ethical fashion means we are producing our clothing with conscious efforts, doing our part to honor Mother Earth and all the wonderful people who are making your LBD looks.

The people who make our clothes work in clean, safe conditions, are paid a living wage and receive sick days, time off and holidays.

We produce our clothing in small production runs so that there is never an excess of clothing. We also use our scrap materials to produce new items, such as our pasties.

This year, we are excited to be reducing our carbon footprint even further by producing more of our fashion lines using recycled materials. We’ve also introduced a made to order model for some of the things we make, which reduces our impact on the planet even further.

We treat people with dignity, respect and compassion. After all, we’re just walking each other home.

Topless woman wearing swim bottoms facing away from the camera at the ocean
Woman wearing weed pasties and swim bottoms crouch on rocks by the ocean

Why are made to order items sustainable?

Made to order items directly support the independent artists and designers we collaborate with. It ensures there is absolutely no extra waste in producing the clothing or accessories. When you order one of these special items, we send them to the artist, who creates the artwork by hand, just for you. Once it’s complete, the item is shipped directly to you, from the hands of the artist herself.

Thank you!

Our goal has always been to empower women through fashion at every stage of production. Thank you for joining our mission to put humanity and female empowerment back into fashion.