• Drip Pendant Necklace in Cherry Wood


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Brand: AGlowGeo
This Aglow Geo is a simple rectangular cube design with fluid inspired geometry. This is my smallest pendant with the dimensions of .9”x.9”x1.7” but it’s still just as vibrant as all the other pendants. Wood panel type is cherry. LED turns on with the twist of the top and batteries keep LED bright for around 4 hours, then LED dims, but will stay Lit for around 8-12 hours total. Each pendant comes with two sets of batteries to ensure you don’t stop shining anytime soon :) a chain is also included so that you can wear your Aglow Geo right away. The above pictures shows an example of the possible glow choices, feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns. I’m confident you can find the perfect pendant to match your glow.
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