Weed Pasties in Siren Sequin

$14.99 $44.99

Weed Pasties in Siren Sequin

$14.99 $44.99

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    Live for yourself - uninhibited.

    Introducing Little Black Diamond premium pasties. Swim, dance, or celebrate in these babies without any worries or cares in the world! They are waterproof, breathable, & comfy. Made stretchy and form fitting for wrinkle free coverage. 

    Make sure your skin is clean and dry, then just peel, place, and stick!

    Made with acrylates, a top-quality medical and surgical grade adhesive. We recommend that you remove within 6-8 hours of use.

    Weed leaf measures 3 3/4" tall from bottom of stem to top tip and 2" wide at narrowest.

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